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How to submit a reply

If you have submitted a complaint about a .nz registration and have received a response, you now have the option to reply.


Your reply is your chance to present final arguments and evidence for your dispute, focusing on the response.


Before you begin your reply

First, learn more about our Dispute Resolution Policy. Read our Dispute Resolution Service Policy.


Plan your reply. 

  • Read all the sections before starting.
  • Review this list of past expert decisions here. These decisions may help you decide what to include in your complaint.
  • This is a good time to get professional advice if you want it. This advice is not required for your response.
  • Support your arguments with as much evidence as possible. 
  • Your main reply can be up to 2000 words long. We recommend writing this in a MS Word or other text file and saving it, then pasting it into the form.


When you are completing this online form, know that:

  • You have to complete the entire form in one session and you cannot save it.
  • You can change your response while you are working, using the Back button.
  • If you are unable to upload any information, this can be emailed to [email protected]
  • When you get access to a printer, print the email version, sign it, and email it to us at: [email protected]


If you have any questions email us at [email protected].

This number is in the letter and email you received about this complaint.

To make it easier for us, please enter the DRS Reference Number you received when first starting your complaint.

The domain name for this dispute, noted in the letter and email you received about this complaint.
Reply to the argument about the domain names

Before entering your reply, please note that:


Enter a clear reply to the argument. Your reply should only answer new points raised in the response. This argument can be up to 2000 words. 


The expert will not consider any extra material. They will decide based only on what you provide here, including all supporting documents. Do not assume that the expert will do any extra research into your case. 


We recommend that you:

  • review our DRS Policy document and any previous decisions
  • explain your reply in detail
  • note any legal proceedings you have entered relating to this dispute, and the results if they are known
  • provide supporting documents
  • write in MS Word or another text program, save it, then copy and paste your argument below.
Supporting documents

While not an exhaustive list, examples of supporting documents might include things like: trademark information, information from the Companies Office, photographs or invoices.

I plan to include supporting documents Required
If you have multiple separate documentation, please combine them into one attachment. Allowed file size must be up to 6MB and file types must be PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG.
Contact email

To proceed with your reply, read this page and confirm that you understand all the conditions.

  • I agree that my claims and remedies about the domain name(s) are solely against the respondent. None of the following will be liable for anything done or omitted relating to the dispute resolution:
    • Internet NZ
    • the Domain Name Commission
    • any registrar, expert, or mediator
    • any of those entities’ councillors, officers, employees, or servants.

The exception to this is if any of them have acted in bad faith.


  • The information in this complaint is true and complete, to the best of my knowledge. I am not presenting this complaint in bad faith. That includes not making this complaint for a purpose other than resolving the problem of who is the proper registrant of a domain name. The matters in this complaint comply with the Dispute Resolution Services Policy and Procedure and applicable law.


  • I agree to the terms of the Dispute Resolution Services Policy and Procedure, and agree to be bound by any resulting Decision, subject to any rights of review or appeal.


  • If the expert orders a transfer of domain name(s) to me, or at my request, I will select an authorised .nz registrar. They will provide me with the necessary .nz registry and other services for the domain name(s). If asked I will tell the Domain Name commission who I have chosen.

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