Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

What is the DNS?

What is a DNS Operator?

How does DNCL work with DNS Operators?

What is DNSSEC

How does DNSSEC work?

What are the benefits of DNSSEC?

Do I need to enable DNSSEC on my domain name?

How can I setup DNSSEC for my .nz domain name?

What does DNSSEC not address?

Do I need DNSSEC if I have SSL?

What is a Key?

What is involved with the management of DNS and DNSSEC keys?

How does DNSSEC involve ISPs?

What is a Key Rollover?

How do ISPs deploy DNSSEC Validation?

What are the .nz DNSSEC policy elements?

What is the "Chain of Trust"?

What does "Handles DS Records" mean?

What does "Handles DS Records" mean in relation to .nz policy?

What does "DNSSEC Friendly" mean?

What does "DNSSEC Friendly" mean in relation to .nz policy?

Where can I find .nz Authorised Registrars who offer DNSSEC?

What is DNS spoofing?

What are Malicious Resolvers?

What is a Man in the Middle (MITM) Attack?

Example scenario of the threats

Where can I find external resources for .nz Registrars on DNSSEC?

What new DNS Records does DNSSEC introduce?

What technical resources are available?

What are the threats to the DNC?

Where can I find external resources on DNSSEC?

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