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  1. ODR — the way to resolve your .nz domain name disputes

    March 07

    If you believe that someone else has a domain name that you should be the registrant of, check our ODR service.

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  2. Podcast: domain name disputes

    June 28

    As part of our strategy to future-proof the DNC and to foster fairer, simpler and contemporary forums for people to resolve disputes, we piloted an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform…

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  3. Mediation — what's it all about?

    July 31

    It’s a free service and provides a chance for people to have a voice about what they think is a fair and reasonable.

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  4. Expert Determination at the Domain Name Commission

    August 28

    Things aren’t always straightforward, and when disputes arise in addition to the consensual mediation process, at DNC, we also offer expert determination.

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