Commissioner pleased to collaborate over Domain Name Privacy — Privacy Week 2018

Published on 10 May 2018

Commissioners pleased to collaborate over Domain Name Privacy - Privacy Week 2018

The Privacy Commissioner and the Domain Name Commissioner have developed guidance on privacy and domains, which will foster greater awareness of good privacy practices in the .nz domain name space.

The new fact sheet gives individuals with .nz domain names some practical tips on how to manage their personal information during the life cycle of their .nz domain name registration.

“Making information more accessible to domain name holders about their privacy choices in the .nz domain name space is one of our key roles,” said, Domain Name Commissioner Brent Carey.

Since 28 March 2018, the Commission provided a privacy option for individuals not in significant trade. This option allows the registrant of a .nz domain name to withhold their telephone number and address from the .nz query service lookup (WHOIS). So far, more than 7000 domain names have had been flagged with the privacy option. "Clearly, privacy matters to a number of individuals in the .nz domain name space," Carey added.

“This information sheet is a great example of regulatory offices working together to keep people informed about their privacy options in different sectors,” said John Edwards, Privacy Commissioner.

Carey said the initiative is a first for his Office and he is aiming to use the same approach to collaborate with other likeminded organisations on topics of interest to the domain name sector.

Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards said that being able to manage your privacy online was more important than ever, and “this fact sheet empowers those in the .nz domain name space to make decisions that ensure that their privacy settings work for them in their situation.”

The factsheet is available online at and

Check out the fact sheet here

Contacts for more information.

Henry Williams (Domain Name Commission): 04 495 2112
Charles Mabbett (Office of the Privacy Commissioner): 021 509 735

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