Conflicted Name Process Overview

The Conflicted Names Process (CNP) was created to give all parties that had a similar third-level domain name (such as and the same right to register the shorter version of their domain name for example,

The conflicted name process started in 2014, some key milestones to date are listed below.

Key Dates Conflicted Names Process


30 March 2015:

Preferential rights period concludes (parties were required to reserve or register prior to this date)


30 March 2017

Reserved names that were not registered, were released for registration


31 March 2017

Changes to .nz policy that allowed DNCL to resolve self-conflicted domain names.


18 October 2017:

Deadline for eligible parties to lodge their preference. 


27 October 2017:

Eligible parties that had not lodged their preference, were removed from the conflict set.


28 March 2022

ODR Pilot Launch

Conflicted Name Pilot Program Hub

All information regarding the pilot program for Conflicted Names.

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How to change my preference

If you want detailed instructions on how to change your preference, click the link. 

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Pilot Programme FAQs

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