Notification of new .nz Policy Framework

Following a public consultation, the DNCL Board has approved the new policy framework for .nz. 

Under the new policy framework, the old list of 14 .nz policies has been simplified down to the following four .nz policies:

  • Policy Development Policy – this sets out the open, consultation process that DNCL will use when setting and reviewing .nz policies. 
  • Principles and Responsibilities Policy – this sets out the principles that .nz operates to. It also identifies those involved in the .nz market and their key responsibilities. 
  • Operations Policy - this sets out detail around the registration and management of .nz names. It also covers a range of other .nz information, including forms and guidance for the relevant procedures. 
  • Dispute Resolution Service Policy – this sets out how the .nz Dispute Resolution Service works, including making a complaint and response; as well as relevant detail around mediation and expert determinations.    

The new .nz policies will come into effect on 9 November 2015 and can be seen at the links above. Please note that the Dispute Resolution Service Policy was not part of the consultation and has not changed. A list of the current policies can be found at

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