Zone Transfer Policy Amendments Notification

This is to advise of an update to the Zone Transfer Policy (ZTP) to govern the use of the zone data by .nz. The amended policy will take effect from Wednesday 16 May 2011.

The term ‘zone file’ has been updated in the policy to ‘zone data’ to reflect that the zone data is not stored in a single file but is a mixture of files and databases.

The following new clause 3.10 will be added to the ZTP. This clause allows .nz to conduct its own research and analysis on the zone data, and provide the results of that analysis to the applicant.

3.10 Upon receipt of an application the DNC may decide, based on the rational provided for the application and in conjunction with NZRS, that it is more appropriate for NZRS to conduct additional research and analysis of the zone data and provide that, rather than releasing the zone data.

The following new section will be added to the ZTP, as section 4. Use of the zone data by .nz, to govern the use of zone data by .nz. The existing section 4 will be renumbered accordingly:

4. Use of the zone data by .nz

4.1 DNC and NZRS can use the zone data to ensure the efficient management and operation of the .nz zone and .nz DNS, and for reasons of “public good” as determined by the DNC.

4.2 Research and analysis of the zone data will:

4.2.1 assist with the design and development of the DNS infrastructure supporting .nz;

4.2.2 provide insight into how .nz is evolving and performing;

4.2.3 provide visibility into the security posture of .nz; and

4.2.4 provide intelligence into different topics of interest to the domain name and technical communities.

4.3 NZRS will develop and maintain, as a part of the DNS Practice Statement, a technical policy that will govern how the scanning of .nz will operate. This technical policy may include:

4.3.1 what the data will be used for and why;

4.3.2 how scanning will be conducted, such as the acceptable rates and frequency;

4.3.3 what data will be kept in either raw or aggregated forms; and

4.3.4 what data will be published and in what form.

A preview of the amended policy that comes into effect on 16 May can be found here: Pending Zone Transfer Policy

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