Transfer to Another Registrar Policy Review

InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is reviewing its policy regarding the transferring of domain names between registrars. The current policy can be seen at

Currently the Transfer to Another Registrar (TAR) policy refers to two forms of transfer – the transfer of individual domain names using the Unique Domain Authorisation Identification (UDAI) and the ability to transfer bulk domain names in particular circumstances. It is expected that the policy will continue to refer to both these forms of transfer.

It is not the intention at this time to review the use of the UDAI in the transfer process. If significant issues are raised during the policy review then this position may be reconsidered but the UDAI is a key feature of the SRS and any changes to using the UDAI in the transfer are likely to have major impacts on the registry and also on registrar systems.

Public comment was sought on how the current transfer process operates and especially on whether any additional validation steps should be introduced into the transfer process to improve the security of the process.

Submissions closed at 5pm on Thursday 28 July 2005. No submissions were received for this public consultation.

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