Third consultation on RMC Policy Review

InternetNZ, through the Domain Name Commission (DNC), is currently reviewing the Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names policy.

An initial call for comments on the policy review resulted in four submissions being received. These can be seen at A second call for comments on some of the proposals raised as a result of the initial consultation was undertaken. Nine submissions were received as a result of that and these, together with the consultation paper, can be seen at

Proposed changes to the policy relating to operational matters and general updating were accepted by submissions received, by the Registrar Advisory Group and by the .nz Oversight Committee (NZOC) and so have been processed. An amended policy containing these changes has been published.

In respect of the proposals that would involve changes to the registration policy principles, NZOC acknowledged that these represented a radical departure from the current 'first come, first served', open registration approach that has been in place in .nz since 1987. Careful consideration of the issues is required. NZOC considers it important that the operational implications are identified and that all parties are given a chance to comment not only on the policy principles but also on the potential time, cost and liability implications of any change to the current registration process.

A consultation paper has been written seeking comment on the proposals and asking for responses to specific questions. This paper can be read in either .html or .pdf

Submissions closed at midday on Monday 12 November 2007. All submissions are published on the DNC website at


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