Release of SRS Source Code

Another key milestone in the development and implementation of the .nz SRS has been reached with the announcement by NZRS that the SRS Source Code will be released under a GPL Open Source Licence on 30 January 2004.

The announcement by NZRS reflects the resolution of InternetNZ, when approving the SRS development, that the software be developed and ultimately released as a viable registry system to the open source community.

Since that resolution, the SRS has been developed using open source tools and now, following improvements since the system went live in October 2002, NZRS are ready to release the code of a reliable and robust system that is currently supporting 42 registrars, 141,000 domain names and 12 second level domains.

NZRS General Manager, Nick Griffin, will be making further announcements regarding the release of the SRS source code. If you would like to receive these announcements please register your interest at


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