Process Section for 2LD Policy

The 2LD Working Group invited comments on the process section of the proposed new 2LD Policy. Submissions closed on Wednesday 9 June 2004 at midday.

This sets out details of the process followed for various aspects of the 2LD policy, including applications for new second level domains.

The Working Group sought comment on the process, which can be found at

The process was drafted following an evaluation of the various options identified by the WG and the comments on those from the people who responded to the previous request for submissions.

An overview of the 2LD review to date, with links to relevant documents, can be read at

Public comment on any aspect of Part B of the policy was due by midday on Wednesday 9 June 2004.


All comments addressing the policy review are published below in the order they were received, in .pdf and .txt format.

Krassie Petrova - 29 May 04 pdf | txt

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