.nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy Review

This consultation closed at midday on 4 April 2011

In line with the order of policy reviews agreed previously, the DNC is about to commence a consultation on the review of the .nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy.

 A copy of the current policy is available at http://dnc.org.nz/content/dispute_resolution_service.pdf

This policy was last reviewed in December 2007 following its first full year of operation, and at that time only minor changes were made.  This new review takes place as part of the regular cycle of reviews.  Three changes are proposed.  These are:

·         Clause 3 should include a definition of the term Mediator as used throughout the policy

·         Clause B20.1 should be amended to set the fee for referral to an Expert at $2,000 plus GST (currently $1,800 plus GST)

·         Clause B20.4 should be amended to set the fee for appeal to $7,200 plus GST (currently $6,600 plus GST).  If the option is used to pay a deposit and the balance, the deposit is $800 plus GST and non-refundable, and the balance is $6,400 plus GST. 

We are now seeking comment on any aspect of the policy, and on the changes outlined above.

Comments should be sent by email to [email protected], by fax to (04) 495 2115, or by mail to P O Box 11881, Wellington.  As submissions are received they will be published on the DNC website at http://dnc.org.nz/story/drs-2011-review Submissions should be received by midday on Monday 4 April 2011.


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