.nz Additional Search Functionality - Consultation

The submission period for this consultation has now closed.

Search by Registrant

Nature of Search

i. This search would be restricted to a search by registrant name.

ii. A search would be for the name specified only but it would be possible for reasonable variants to be requested such as Robert and Bob or McLean and MacLean.


i. Individuals would be able to search for a list of their own domain names with proof of identity.

ii. Organisations would be able to search for a list of their own domain names with requests accepted from Directors, Chief Executives or other persons that can demonstrate an authority to act.

iii. Agencies such as law firms, intellectual property advisors, accountants etc can search for a list on behalf of a client if they can show evidence of an authority to act on behalf of that person or organisation.

iv. Any person can search for a registrant where they intend to use the information as part of a Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) complaint, as per clause 5.1.3 of the DRS policy that allows the complainant to demonstrate that the respondent is engaged in a pattern of registrations.


i. Free for people or organisations seeking a search for their own names, or where done by an agency on their behalf.

ii. A fee should be payable where the search is for use in a DRS complaint. This fee to be refunded if a corresponding, valid complaint is laid. The fee should be high enough to deter misuse of the process but low enough to not be an unfair barrier.

Wildcard-type Search of Domain Name

Nature of Search

i. Variants of existing domain names for possible cyber or typo squatting; for example, wwwtrademe.co.nz or trdeme.co.nz.


i. Registrants of an existing .nz domain name, or their authorised representative

ii. Search must relate to their domain name

iii. Different requests required for different domain names but multiple variants of one name possible


i. Cost could be based on tiers - up to 20 variants searched for $A, up to 40 for $B and so on

ii. Eligibility is limited to only allow requests for variants of existing domain names. Therefore, fees should be based on cost recovery rather than any deterrent aspect. Fees would be evaluated once requirements, and therefore process and time, confirmed.

Comments are sought on the proposal to offer additional .nz search functions as outlined above. Any aspect of the nature, eligibility and cost is subject to consultation and input from the public. Based on submissions received, decisions will be made as to what, if any, additional search functions are added to .nz. If it is agreed that additional searches should be allowed, it will require a change to the current WHOIS Policy. Changes will be drafted to that and will be the subject of a separate consultation.

Submissions closed at midday on Tuesday 27 October.


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