"Letter misleading" warns Domain Name Commissioner

The Domain Name Commissioner today warned registrants of '.co.nz' domain names, of a misleading letter currently circulating from 'DomainNamesNZ'.

In the letter, 'DomainNamesNZ' encourages registrants to register their '.co.nz' name in the '.net.nz' domain and states that their fee for arranging registration is 'only $198 per two year period'.

"Because it is not currently possible to register any '.nz' name for a two year period the implication that one payment can secure a '.nz' name for two years is misleading," said the Commissioner. "Until 7 December 2002, only a 12 months registration period is available to registrants".

People who have received this information from 'DomainNamesNZ' are advised to be cautious. The Commissioner suggested that any questions people have should be directed to their provider, or to the organisation they obtained their '.co.nz' domain name through.

The Commissioner has discussed the letter with DomainNamesNZ. The reference to a two-year registration period was the result of an inadvertent error by DomainNamesNZ. They have assured the Commissioner they will not accept any .nz registrations for a two-year period prior to 7 December.

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