Amendment to Operations and Procedures (OP) Policy

In November 2015 a revised .nz policy framework took effect which saw the number of main .nz policies reduced to four. One of these was the OP policy which sets out the operations and procedures that apply to the running of the .nz domain name space. 

We have now realised that due to an administrative error, an aspect of this policy was omitted when it was put into effect on 9 November 2015.
The omitted clauses relate to registrar responsibilities for resellers and sets out the procedures when the reseller, rather than the registrar directly, is not compliant with .nz policies. 

These clauses were consulted on and approved by the DNCL Board in March 2015 - refer /story/notification-roles-and-responsibilities-policy-amendments.  They were incorporated into the Roles and Responsibilities Policy in effect at the time under clause 3.15.  This now archived policy can be seen at /content//roles_and_responsibilities_2.4.pdf.
It was always intended that the clauses around resellers be included in the new .nz policy framework and so we have now corrected this error.  The revised OP policy can be seen at policies with the added clauses under 21.
If anyone has any questions or concerns about this please email [email protected].

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