Brief pause while new domain name registry commissioned

This was originally published on 14 October 2002

There will be a brief disruption to the registration of '.nz' domain names while a new registry is commissioned. 

New Zealand's register of domain names will undergo significant change and improvement over this coming weekend with the commissioning of a new system.

The installation of the Shared Registry System (SRS) means that people wishing to register new '.nz' names or alter existing ones, should do so either before 10am on Saturday 12 October (2002) or after 1am on Monday 14 October (2002).

Domain Name Commissioner, Ms Debbie Monahan reassured existing domain name holders that, "...the operation of your domain name, eg email and website, is not affected by the work being carried out over the weekend. The Domain Name System will continue to operate as usual, and the 'WHOIS' function will remain available".

Ms Monahan apologised for the two-day interruption and was confident that normal services for registering and amending domain name changes would be resumed on Monday as planned.

*This article has been slightly edited to include the dates in which the pause took place.

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