Closed registrars

'Closed' registrars

There may be situations where, due to the nature of the registrar's business, an authorised registrar will not offer their domain name services to the general public.

Catalyst IT (Offers IRPO, handles IPv6 glue records, IDN Friendly, Handles DS Records), Rumsey Stokes Ltd, Core Association, Ebox Limited (offers IRPO),  ICONZ, have been authorised as .nz registrars by the DNC and have connected to the .nz registry. However, their registrar activities are restricted to registrants who are their clients and primarily utilising their non-registry services. The Department of Internal Affairs has also been authorised as a registrar for domain names.

The DNC is also a closed .nz authorised registrar, to protect the domain names which are an integral part of the .nz domain name registration system.

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