Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - December 2015

Minutes - Board Meeting 3 December 2015

Present: David Farrar (Chair), Lucy Elwood, Adam Hunt, Kenneth Johnston and David Moskovitz.

In Attendance: Debbie Monahan, Laura Turnbull, Jordan Carter, Jay Daley.

1. Register of Interests

The Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising.

3. WHOIS policy review (oral item)

The DNC provided the Board with a brief update on the public meetings that were recently held in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington, along with the online meeting. The DNC noted that the second stage of the WHOIS review is underway with the consultation closing 29 January 2016. An overview of all the submissions received for both stages of the review will be presented to the February 2016 Board meeting.

4. End of Year Forecast and 2016/17 Draft Budget

The End of Year Forecast and the 2016/17 Draft Budget were presented to the Board. The final budget will be presented to the February 2016 Board meeting for approval following strategy and business planning. The DNCL second quarter financial report was noted.

5. Internal Policy - Retention of Company Records

The Board discussed the amended retention of company records policy. Some small amendments were suggested, which will be circulated to the Board via email for final approval.

6. DNC Reports

The DNC reports were taken as read. The DNC was thanked for the reports.

7. DNC work plan

The DNC work plan was noted. It was noted that this will be updated following strategy and business planning.

8. Group updates

Jordan Carter and Jay Daley attended and gave updates on InternetNZ and NZRS respectively.

9. .nz update

The DNC briefed the Board on the Registrar Advisory Group meeting which was held in October. This meeting will continue to be held in conjunction with the NZRS Registrar conference.

10. Chair update

The Chair provided an update on his trip to ICANN Dublin.

11. Audit and Risk matters

The Board agreed that DNCL is a Public Benefit Entity and will prepare annual financial statements in accordance with Tier 2 PBE Accounting Standards.

12. Any other business

Legal advice received confirms that current DNCL policies are in compliance with the domain name clauses included in the TPP. The DNC provided the Board with an update on the new DNCL website project which is progressing well. The new site will be ready early 2016.

13. Dates future meetings

The next meeting will take place on 17 February, 2016.

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