Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - August 2016

Present: David Farrar (Chair), Adam Hunt, Kenneth Johnston, David Moskovitz, Lucy Elwood.

In Attendance:  Debbie Monahan, Laura Turnbull, Jordan Carter, Jay Daley

Register of Interests

The Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising

WHOIS policy review

The DNC spoke to this paper, which provided the Board with potential options for the fourth WHOIS consultation round.

Following a discussion the Board agreed on the general content of the fourth consultation, and that the DNC should draft the paper and circulate to the Board for approval prior to it being published.

The Board and DNC are aware that there may be a further two rounds of consultation to take place before a final policy solution is implemented. The previous submissions received made it clear that there are registrants who currently have a need for a privacy solution now. The Board agreed for the DNC to introduce an interim process for handling contact address information where individuals are concerned about their information being public.  

Digital Presence Strategy update

The DNC provided an update to the Board on the use of DNCL’s new Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.

It was agreed that all further updates will be added to the Communications line in the monthly report.

Internal Policies – Sharing of information policy

The sharing of information policy was reconfirmed.

DNC Reports

The DNC reports were taken as read.

DNC work plan

The Board noted the work plan.

.nz update

The DNC informed the Board that .nz will be contributing to a small ccNSO evening event at ICANN Hyderabad considering it is in our region.

Group updates

Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ and Jay Daley, Chief Executive of NZRS provided the Board with an update on their teams’ activities.

Chair update

The Chair raised remote participation for Directors at Board meetings. It was agreed that remote participation is only to be used in special circumstances.

There was also a brief discussion regarding how identification of key issues should be raised before meetings. 

Audit and Risk matters

No matters were discussed.

Health and Safety

DNCL has had no incidents or hazards to report to the Board.

Future monthly reports to the Board will include a slightly higher level of detail, including if there were any near misses during the month.

The Institute of Directors Health and Safety Guide booklet was made available to Directors who do not have it.   

Any other business

The Board acknowledged that it was Laura Turnbull’s last meeting and thanked her for all her contribution and support over the last year. 

Dates future meetings

The next Board meeting will take place on Friday 14th of October.

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