Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - February 2016

Minutes – DNCL Board Meeting, 17 February 2016

: David Farrar (Chair), Lucy Elwood, Adam Hunt (via Skype), Kenneth Johnston, David Moskovitz.

In Attendance:  Debbie Monahan, Laura Turnbull.

Register of Interests

The Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising

WHOIS policy review

The DNC presented the submissions that had been received in the WHOIS consultation process. The Board noted the range of submissions received both in respect of comments made and the nature of the submitters.

After a discussion It was agreed that a process should be established around where individual registrants can apply to have details withheld from publication in the WHOIS.

The DNC office will work through how such a process could operate, including the criteria for withholding information, and present it back to the Board at the April meeting.  Any process that is agreed by the Board will be subject to a public consultation before being implemented.

It was agreed that information and education around the WHOIS information could be improved and that the office will start work on this.

The DNC and team were thanked for their work on the project.

End of Year Forecast and 2016/17 Draft Budget

The End of Year Forecast and the 2016/17 Draft Budget was approved.

DNCL Strategy

The DNCL 2016 Strategy was approved with one change made

Statement of Directions and Goals

The Statement of Directions and Goals was approved with the change made to the Strategy also to be made to this. The finalised document will be provided to Council for their February 2016 meeting.

DNCL Reports

The DNCL reports were taken as read. The DNC was thanked for the reports.

DNC work plan

The DNC work plan was noted.  It was noted that new action points would be added for the April Board meeting.

.nz update

DNCL has been working with NZRS on reviewing the current SLA.  Some minor changes have been agreed with NZRS and the DNC will forward the Board a tracked changes version of the SLA for their review.  The DNC is recommending that DNCL agree to sign

Chair update

There was a discussion regarding the new group International Travel Policy guideline which has been drafted by a working group consisting of InternetNZ Councillors, NZRS and DNCL Board members.  The guideline is being presented to Council at its February 2016 meeting.

Audit and Risk matters

The risk management policy, risk register and business continuity plan were approved.

The Board acknowledged the steps that were taking place to ensure that DNCL is compliant with the upcoming changes to New Zealand’s health and safety legislation.

Any other business

The launch of the new website was discussed. It was noted how good it looks and the team was commended for their work

Dates future meetings

The next meeting will take place on 29 April, 2016.

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