Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - February 2018

Minutes – DNCL Board Meeting 12.30pm, 22 February 2018

Present: David Farrar (Chair), Adam Hunt, Lucy Elwood, Dave Moskovitz, Jordan Carter.

In Attendance: Brent Carey, Cristy Cable

Apologies: Kenneth Johnston resigned as at 1 February 2018.

1.    Register of Interests

No conflicts were noted for this meeting. The Register of Interests was updated.

2.    Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were accepted as true and accurate. There were no matters arising.

3.    EOY Forecast and Draft 2018/19 Budget

The 2017/18 Budget was presented to the Board and the recommendations were approved with one minor change.

4.    Proposed Policy Changes – Organisational Review

The Board approved the interim policy consultation with submissions closing on Monday, 26 March 2018. The consultation can be found on the DNC website at

5.    Port 43 WHOIS

The Board approved the recommendation to reduce the data returned through a Port 43 WHOIS query.

6.    Market Regulatory Functions Independent Review

The Board noted the recommendations.

7.     Monthly Reports

The monthly reports were tabled and discussed.

8.     DNC Work Plan

The Board noted the work plan.

9.    Chair Update

The Chair noted that this was the last DNCL Board meeting before the organisational changes came into effect on 1 April 2018. He thanked the Board for all of their work and Debbie Monahan for her time as the Commissioner. The Board thanked David Farrar for his time as Chair.

10.    Audit and Risk

The Board noted that operational matters needed to be discussed in more detail going forward.

11.    Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Report was tabled and discussed.

12.    Other Business

There were no updates raised by the Chair that had not already been discussed in Board only time.

13.    Dates of Future Meetings

The next Board meeting will be during the week beginning Monday 9 April 2018.

14.    Meeting Closed

The Chair closed the meeting at 2:31 pm.

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