Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - November 2018

Domain Name Commission Limited Board Meeting

28 November 2018, 8:45am

Present: Jordan Carter (Chair), Adam Hunt, Lucy Elwood

In Attendance: Brent Carey (Domain Name Commissioner), Diane Robinson (minute taker)

1. Preliminaries

1.1 Board Only

1.2 Board and Commissioner Alone Time

The meeting was opened at 9:12am and Brent Carey and Diane Robinson joined the meeting.

1.3 Register of Interests

Lucy requested an amendment to the interests register.  She noted that she is a Director of Unison Fibre Limited and a Board Member of Unison Fibre Limited.  This update was advised at the September meeting, the minutes should be amended to reflect the two separate roles.

Adam advised that he is no longer a Director, Ripetime Limited.

Discussion was held around the DNCL Board composition; the Board rotation (2-year term) is up for renewal in July 2019.  It was agreed that a discussion around the process and recruitment will be needed at the next meeting, and an item added to the Council’s agenda for discussion as well.       

ACTION: Update the Interests register with above amendments.

Add Agenda Item to Feb meeting - DNCL Board Composition.

2.   Strategic Focus

2.1   Domain Name Tools Update (confidential)

The Board had a discussion of current litigation.

2.2  Branding Update

Brent provided an update on the branding noting that DNCL is now a part of the wider INZ family of brands.

Jordan shared the DNA branding work done so far to the Board for information and welcomed any comments. In discussion, Board members felt that that the heading Balance under DNCL section should be replaced with the heading Fair to reflect fair principles.

2.3 Compliance Update

The Commissioner provided a status update to the Board members.

The invalid registration details process was a feature of the Domain Name Abuse Forum on 27 November 2018. DNCL are focusing their compliance effort on invalid registrations, which is the reason that there were many more cancellations this year.  

Brent talked to the Board about building a compliance strategy and forward plan.

The Board noted the compliance efforts in the following areas:

Invalid registration details

Join research project with Tech Research on harmful domain names.

2.4 Financial Report

The report was taken as read.

It was noted that further discussion is required on the level of reserves required and shared services (staffing costs) to be clarified.   

THAT the financial report for the second quarter was received.     

2.5 Independent Review Update policy

The draft report is being reviewed by John Burton of Izard Weston and it will be received shortly. Directors commented that to maintain the review’s independence, it is important that John only provide any factual or historical corrections to any matters in the report.

THAT the Board noted the independent review report will be provided to them by December 2018. Substantive discussion of the report’s recommendations will occur at the February Board Meeting.

ACTION:   To be discussed at 7th February 2019 meeting and to be circulated to the list

3. Update

The Operational Update report and the Health and Safety report has been noted and taken as read.

Dylan Connolly has been appointed as the Chair for the new group-wide Health and Safety Committee.

ACTION: Priorities for next 90 days – update the delegations’ policy and circulate the current delegations to members

4. Consent Items

4.1  The Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record; an amendment to the interests register re the two positions held on in Unison Fibre Limited for Lucy to be incorporated in the previous minutes.

4.2 DNCL Risk Register – no new risks

There were no new risks to add to the register.  

Jordan advised that INZ group are about to undertake a refresh of its Business Risk register with support from Price Waterhouse Coopers.  

ACTION:  Add existing Policies to the Diligent Boardbook resource centre for Board to review.

4.3 Date of Future Meetings

The date of the next DNCL Board meeting will be held on 7 February, 4pm.

The meeting closed at 9:55am

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