Domain Name Disputes ODR Hub

Sometimes parties disagree about who has the rights to a .nz domain name, or about associated domains added to an existing domain name. These disagreements are called disputes. Our new dispute resolution pilot program aims to assist with the settlement process.

Stages for pilot program

1. E-negotiation

Engage in e-negotiation.

This allows a series of bids to be entered and the parties are presented with a proposed figure to settle the dispute.

Find out more about e-negotiation.

2. Mediation

Engage in online mediation.

With the assistance of a third party neutral you get an opportunity to discuss wider issues including why you believe the domain name should belong to you.

Find out more about how mediation works 

Stages outside of pilot

3. Submit a complaint for Expert Determination

Parties are able to submit a complaint against the registrant of a domain name. We strongly encourage parties to try and engage via e-negotiation and mediation before this stage though.

Find out more about how to submit a dispute.

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