Second Level Domains Policy Review

InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is reviewing the Second Level Domains policy. Submissions closed on 10 November 2003.InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is reviewing the existing Second Level Domains policy (

A Working Group was established by the .nz Oversight Committee earlier this year to conduct the review. The Working Group sought public input to assist in developing a revised draft policy, which will also be subject to public consultation.

The current Second Level Domains policy deals with three critical areas: the structure of the existing Second Level Domains, the moderation of Second Level Domains, and the process for establishing new Second Level Domains.

Debate so far in the Working Group has identified two major areas for reform:

  • Whether the process for creating new second level domains should be modified and whether that modification should simplify the process. The existing process lacks adequate criteria for decisions about the addition of new Second Level domains and has generated concern in the past.
  • Whether there should be direct public registrations allowed at the second level in the .nz space. This has a number of implications which need to be considered around dealing with the existing second level domains after any change; dealing with conflicts between existing third level registrants if the second level is opened and others.

In addition to these two key areas, the Working Group sought feedback on the existing Second Level Domains and their ongoing relevance, and asked for comments and suggestions about any other aspect of the existing policy.

To assist with this consultation a background paper was produced. This outlines the current policy, expanded on the issues for consideration and posed some more specific questions for consideration. It is available at:

Public comment, on the specific issues identified above and in the accompanying background paper - or any other issues relating to the Second Level Domains policy - was sought, and closed on Monday 10 November 2003.

InternetNZ also maintains a public email list for ongoing discussion of the review. To subscribe, send a blank email to [email protected].

Submissions Received

The submissions received are listed below with the most recent at the top. They are in .pdf and .txt format.

State Services Commission - Received after closing date pdf | txt

Richard Shearer - 10 Nov 02 pdf | txt

Jonathan Ah Kit - 10 Nov 03 pdf | txt

David McKinley - 10 Nov 03 pdf | txt

Rick Shera - 10 Nov 03 pdf | txt

Krassie Petrova - 06 Nov 03 pdf | txt

Aotearoa Maori Internet Organisation - 24 Oct 03 pdf | txt

Pete Mundy - 23 Oct 03 pdf | txt

David Farrar - 23 Oct 03 pdf | txt

Jacob Doherty - 19 Oct 03 pdf | txt

Robert Gray - 8 Oct 03 pdf | txt

Ewen McNeill - 6 Oct 03 pdf | txt

Seeby Woodhouse - 2 Oct 03 pdf | txt

David Zanetti - 1 Oct 03 pdf | txt

Tracey Lewis - 1 Oct 03 pdf | txt

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