Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - April 2011

Minutes of the Domain Name Commission Ltd (DNCL) Board Meeting

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Present: Andy Linton, Michael Foley, David Farrar, Kenneth Johnston, Joy Liddicoat, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie. Hamish McEwan attended the meeting as an observer, leaving the meeting when the Board went into Committee.

The meeting opened at 3.30pm, with Board Alone, and Board and CE time. Alison McKenzie and Hamish McEwan joined the meeting at 4.52pm. Agenda items were discussed in the order noted below.

1. Register of Interests

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate.

Matters arising:

- The DNCL Statement of Goals and Directions has been presented to Council.

3. DNCL Workplan

The DNCL Workplan is a standing item on the agenda. The new format was accepted.

4. DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of February and March. Andy Linton’s report on the Key Signing Ceremony that he attended was attached to one of the reports and he was thanked for this independent verification of the ceremony. The Board suggested that Andy presenting on this at the InternetNZ AGM may be of interest to members.

There was a discussion around the process of making submissions on ICANN consultations. It was agreed that the Board will be advised and sent copies of the consultation documents. The DNC was thanked for her reports.

5. .nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy Review

The Board noted the submissions received during the consultation period, and agreed to four changes to the .nz DRS policy:

• Clause 3 is to include a definition of the term Mediator as used throughout the policy. The definition of ‘Mediator’ being ‘a person appointed to mediate a Domain Name dispute under paragraph B6 of the Procedure’

• A new clause, 6.4 is to be added, to read ‘Trading in domain names for profit, and holding a large portfolio of domain names, are of themselves lawful activities. The Expert will review each case on its merits.’

• Clause B20.1 is to be amended to set the fee for referral to an Expert at $2,000 plus GST (currently $1,800 plus GST)

• Clause B20.4 is to be amended to set the fee for appeal to $7,200 plus GST. If the option is used to pay a deposit and the balance, the deposit is $800 plus GST and non-refundable, and the balance is $6,400 plus GST (currently $6,600 plus GST).

6. DNSSEC Update

Paul McKitrick joined the meeting and gave an update on the project including work started on the communications plan. A wide range of key audiences have been identified and more work will be done on this. A discussion followed, during which the Board identified other possible messages and perspectives for the sharing of information around this topic.

David Farrar left the meeting at 5.38pm and rejoined at 5.50pm

7. Security Update

Paul McKitrick briefed the meeting on the security projects that he is currently involved with, discussing the objectives, and relationships of the various groups and describing the New Zealand Internet Task Force.

The Board noted the security initiatives currently underway and thanked Paul for his presentation.

8. Group matters

The Board noted the Group Shared Risk Register and the Group Policies presented, and commented that it was useful to have documented policies such as these across the group.

9. Chair update

There were no matters that had not been covered elsewhere in the Agenda.

10. Any other business

• Directors’ remuneration levels were agreed at a 2.5:1 Chair to Director ratio.

• InternetNZ is coordinating the 2011 Nethui, to be held in Auckland from 28 June to 1 July. Registration fees are $30.

• The DNC provided an update on planned Group workshops and her proposed conference attendance for June.

The Board moved into Committee at 6.23pm. Hamish MacEwan left the meeting at 6.23pm

11. Service Level Agreement

The SLA with NZRS is currently being reviewed and the Board discussed the proposals put forward by NZRS. After discussion, a response to NZRS was agreed which the DNC will communicate to the NZRS CEO.

12. Dates of Future DNCL Board Meetings

Next meeting to be held Thursday 7 July 2011.

Andy Linton and Alison McKenzie left the meeting

13. DNCL Support

The Board agreed to support Andy Linton in his roles as ICANN Trusted Community Representative and Co-chair, APNIC Policy Committee. This support will be to cover his disbursements when travelling to fulfil these roles.

The meeting closed at 6.52pm

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