Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - April 2012

Minutes − DNCL Board Meeting 12 April 2012


Joy Liddicoat (Chair), Michael Foley, David Farrar, Andy Linton (by Skype), Kenneth Johnston (by phone for part) Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie

The meeting began with Board and CE alone time. The latest projects were discussed.

1. Register of Interests

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

3. DNCL Work plan

The Board noted the current work plan and noted that the actions in the current Statement of Directions and Goals also needed to be incorporated into this document.

4. DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of January and February. There was a brief discussion around the internal measures of success for the office. The Board commented on the finance section of the report, and discussed the information that may be included in the quarterly reports.

The Board asked for thanks to be passed to Paul for his comprehensive report on the APTLD meeting in New Delhi. Joy commented on the decision by some ccTLDs to publish registration information by registrar, to promote inter-registrar competition. The DNC was thanked for her reports.

5. Zone Transfer Policy amendment

The Board discussed the proposed amendments to the Zone Transfer Policy. The amendments introduce a new section to the policy: ‘Use of the zone data by .nz’. The Board approved the changes to the ZTP.

6. Takedown of domain names

The Board noted the legal advice received, and agreed with the proposed amendments to the Authorisation Agreement as drafted. The Board approved the consultation paper regarding these proposed amendments.

7. Chair Update - ICANN Costa Rica

Michael Foley provided a comprehensive report on the ICANN Costa Rica meeting to Board members. In addition to Michael’s report, Debbie summarised the sessions that she had attended. Joy commented that Keith Davidson’s work on the Framework of Interpretation is interesting and should be reported to council, with provision made for succession in this area.

8. Any Other Business

Insurance - the Board agreed to an additional policy for the D&O insurance to cover defence costs.

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