Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - August 2012

Minutes - Board Meeting 15 August 2012


Joy Liddicoat (Chair), Michael Foley, David Farrar, Andy Linton, Kenneth Johnston, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie, Hamish MacEwan (observer), Susan Chalmers (observer)

1. Register of Interests

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

3. DNCL Work plan

The DNC spoke to the current work plan, noting that the activities relating to the Statement of Expectations and Goals have been specifically documented. They were already factored in to the work plan with the registrations at the second level project, and promotion of .nz part of the work being undertaken.

The Board noted possible pressure points in the work load for the year ahead, and agreed to monitor these and amend if required.

4. DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of May and June. The Board commented positively on the new report which tracks internal office performance. The DNC was thanked for her reports, and for the report on the ICANN/APTLD meetings.

5. Registrations at the second level consultation

The Board discussed its decision-making approach for the Registrations at the Second Level project. The current consultation period, which is currently over half way through, has resulted in over 50 submissions to date. It is clear from the submissions received that there will not be a clear prevailing view on this topic as there is a near even division of views expressed.

After a wide-ranging discussion, the Board agreed that to make its decision they will need to consider the submissions made against the background of the Board’s role as acting in the best interests of the .nz domain name space. The decision would also take into account the fit with InternetNZ’s TLD and Policy Principles, RFCs 1591 and 3071 and on what the long-term strategy for .nz should be.

The Board requested a printed volume of the submissions to date, including summaries of the results.

6. Report of Key Signing Ceremony (Andy Linton)

Andy spoke to his presentation describing the processes followed for the root Key Signing Ceremony, and answered questions from the Board. Andy thanked DNCL for supporting his participation as a Trusted Community Representative at these ceremonies.

7. Chair Update

There were no items that were not covered elsewhere in the meeting

8. Any Other Business

The DNC will attend the Australian IGF 11/12 October, prior to heading to Toronto for ICANN

Next meeting to discuss the Registrations at the second level project only - Monday 8 Oct, 9am

Next full Board meeting 25 October 9am start (Council meets 26 October)

The meeting closed at 12.20pm.

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