Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - December 2012

Minutes - Board Meeting 13 December 2012


Joy Liddicoat (Chair), Michael Foley (by video link), Andy Linton, Kenneth Johnston, David Farrar, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie, Hamish MacEwan (observer).

1.  Register of Interests

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated.  No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

2.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate.   There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

3.  DNCL Work plan

The DNC spoke to the current work plan.  The Board discussed current and future plans for the work on the Ten Year Celebration including a printed infographic that is currently being prepared.  The Board agreed to consider some aspects of this project by email before the next meeting if required.

4.  DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of September and October.  The Board noted the significance of the launch of and the 500,000th .nz registration, and the associated presentation of an award to the registrant of that name, (the Disability Resource Centre in Whakatane) by David Morrison as a representative of .nz. 

The Board noted the trends in registrar market shares, and discussed the competitive market for registrars, noting that no one registrar dominates the market.  The DNC was thanked for her reports.

5.  Update on the Registration at the Second Level proposal

The Board was briefed on the work done to date, and that proposed to be undertaken before the next meeting in March 2013.  All the relevant information will be provided to the Board at that meeting for discussion and a decision on the next steps of the project.

6.  End of Year Forecast and Budgets

The Board noted the second quarter financial report, and the end-of-year forecast and associated comments.  The Board approved the draft 2013/2014 budget, and the 2013-2016 three year budget with an amendment.  The Board agreed that the DNC should to write to NZRS advising them of the management fee for the 2013/2014 year.

7.  Business Continuity Plan

The Business Continuity Plan has been formalised and a draft internal policy presented to the Board for their approval. The Board approved the Business Continuity Plan as drafted and agreed to advise Council that its Business Continuity Plan is adequate and appropriate.

8.  Conference Attendance Policy

The Board discussed a draft internal policy on Conference Attendance.   It was noted that attendance at meetings reflected the responsibilities DNCL had as the delegated .nz ccTLD manager on behalf of InternetNZ and as such was an important function for DNCL. The draft policy was approved.

9.  Chair Update

Board members discussed their availability over the coming holiday season.

10.Date next meeting

The date for the next meeting is to be confirmed but will be early March 2013.  A strategic session is currently proposed to fit in with the second meeting of the year but this will be finalised as soon as possible.

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