Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - July 2009

Minutes of the Domain Name Commission Ltd Board Meeting

Thursday, 2 July 2009, 2.30pm 


Present:         Richard Currey, Andy Linton, David Russell, Joy Liddicoat, Michael Foley, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie.

Apologies:      No apologies were received. 

1.         Board alone time.

The meeting began with Board alone time. Debbie Monahan and Alison McKenzie joined the meeting at 2.55pm. 

2.         DNCL Register of Interests

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated.  No conflicts were noted for this meeting. 

3.         Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. 

Matters arising

  1. The AGM for InternetNZ has been rescheduled to 30 July 2009 which means that the DNCL AGM will be rescheduled for that date also.  DNCL AGM now set for 5.30pm on Thursday 30 July. 

4.         DNC Work plan - update

The DNC work plan update is a standing item, and an oral report was provided.  It was agreed that DNSSEC should be added to the workplan, along with the schedule of proposed policy reviews, which will be discussed later in the meeting. 

5.         DNC Reports - April and May 2009

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of February and March, and commented particularly on the need for Registrars to notify the DNC of changes to company ownership, structure or directors.  The DNC was thanked for her reports. 

6.         .nz Search Functionality

A consultation paper has been developed, and has been provided to NZRS for comment.  The paper aims to provoke submissions, including comment on the limitation proposed and how additional search functionality might operate.  The consultation paper was approved by the Board.  It was noted that there will be a three month consultation period and that if additional searches were implemented it would require changes to the current WHOIS policy.

7.         Policy Review Schedule. 

All policies are planned to be reviewed on a regular cycle, generally at around 4 years.  Key policies are reviewed more frequently, on a 3 year cycle.  The proposed policy review cycle assumes that the WHOIS policy will require review in October as a consequence of the consultation on additional .nz search functionality. The Zone Transfer Policy will also require review in preparation for the implementation of DNSSEC.  The Board approved the proposed schedule, noting that it may be subject to change. 

8.         .nz Awareness Campaign - Oral update.

The campaign is on track with the formal launch scheduled for 5pm, the advertising starting the following day and the new look DNC website operating.  

9.         Manager, Compliance and Security - Oral update

A number of applications have already been received for this role with applications closing the following day.

 10.       DNCL Strategy Meeting

The next Board Strategy meeting is to be held after the InternetNZ Planning day, so that Council decisions can feed into the Board’s strategy.   The provisional date for this Strategy day is to be 11 September 2009. 

11.       Any other business

It was noted that Council elections are about to be held and that Michael Foley’s position was one of those to come up.  Thanks were extended to him for his time on the Board and it was noted that the DNCL board would like Michael to continue as a Director should he be re-elected to Council. 

12.       Next meetings

The date for the Domain Name Commission Ltd AGM is to be 30 July, just prior to the InternetNZ AGM. 

The meeting closed at 4.40pm, and was followed at 5pm on 2 July by the launch of the .nz is our home awareness campaign. 

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