Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - June 2010

Minutes of the Domain Name Commission Ltd Board Meeting

Tuesday, 1 June 2010, 3.30pm 


Present:         Richard Currey, Andy Linton, David Russell, Joy Liddicoat, Michael Foley, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie.

Apologies:      No apologies were received. 

1 & 2.              Board alone time.

The meeting began with Board alone time. Debbie Monahan joined the meeting at 3.45pm.  Alison McKenzie joined the meeting at 4.15pm.

3.         NZRS

Jay Daley, NZRS Chief Executive, joined the meeting at 4.15pm.  Jay spoke about the recent development of a Strategic Framework for NZRS and the projects being undertaken by NZRS including the IDNs, EPP and DNSSEC.  The Board thanked Jay for attending the meeting and updating them on the work of NZRS.

4.         InternetNZ

Vikram Kumar, InternetNZ Chief Executive, reported on his first three months in the role. Vikram talked about his previous experience and told the Board that his first 3 months had been interesting ones.  He outlined the work that InternetNZ is currently involved in, including responding to government over issues such as Copyright, the Broadband network, and Public ACTA.  Vikram also outlined some of their plans for the future. 

After discussion, Vikram noted that he was keen to hear the DNCL view of what they want from InternetNZ, and whether InternetNZ is delivering it.  Vikram was thanked for his time in meeting with the Board. 

5.         DNCL Register of Interests

One update was made to the interests noted on the register.  Andy Linton advised that he had been appointed to serve as a Trusted Community Representative acting as a Crypto Officer for the US West Coast facility for the DNSSEC signing of the root for ICANN. The Board offered its congratulations to Andy over his selection, noting that it was good to have a New Zealander involved at this level. 

No conflicts were noted for this meeting. 

6.         Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate.  There were no matters arising from the minutes that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

7.         DNC Work plan - update

An updated work plan was provided.  This reflects the outcomes from the Board strategy day and the Office planning day. 

8.         DNC Reports - March and April 2010

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of March and April.

 9.         Additional Search Functionality

At their previous meeting the Board had agreed to implement limited searches of the .nz register by registrant name.  The Board discussed the proposed changes to the current WHOIS policy that would be needed to allow such searches to be undertaken and agreed that a public consultation on those changes to the policy would proceed. 

10.       Process for legal action in .nz phishing cases. 

The Board noted that the legal and insurance input to this paper had proved helpful.  It is important that DNCL is seen to be in a position to take action in the circumstances described.  It was agreed that the DNC could consult on the process with relevant organisations such as the New Zealand Bankers’ Association Internet Fraud Forum group and the New Zealand Internet Task Force.

Once appropriate consultation is complete, the DNC will report back to the Board.

 11.       NZRS Request for Change to RMC Policy

The Board agreed with the RMC amendments as requested by NZRS, and agreed to begin a public consultation on these changes. 

12.       Chair’s update

There were updates from Joy and Andy relating to meetings they’d attended on behalf of DNCL. 

13.       Proposed dates for future Board meetings

Future Board meeting dates were confirmed.  The InternetNZ AGM has been set for Thursday 29 July 2010, so this will also be the date for the DNCL AGM. 

14.       Any other business

A letter to the auditors and the annual financial accounts were signed.

The meeting concluded with a formal record of the appreciation of the work done by retiring Board members Richard Currey and David Russell who were attending their final Board meeting.   Both had been involved with the Board and its predecessor the .nz Oversight Committee since the Domain Name Commission was established in 2002.  Their service was acknowledged with acclaim.

The meeting closed at 5.49pm and was followed by a small social function and a presentation to the departing Board members.

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